About Masifunde

Masifunde Training Centre is an INSETA accredited training provider, offering training to learners who wish to achieve qualifications and skills in the Financial Services sector. These qualifications are part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and are SAQA approved.

Legislation requires that companies and people giving financial advice or intermediary services must meet the Fit and Proper criteria. To this end, we offer accredited qualifications that are part of the Financial Service Board’s list of acceptable Fit and Proper qualifications.


Our training process includes the following services:

  • Advice about training options
  • Programme development
  • Accredited training for qualifications and skills programmes:
    • Facilitated training
    • Distance hard copy training
    • Distance online training site
  • Assessment and moderation
  • Verification and uploading of credits for learners
  • Learnerships and learnership support
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Course material
  • Soft skills training (non-accredited training)
  • Preparation training for the Regulatory Exams Level 1
    • Representatives
    • Key individuals, Sole proprietors and FSPs
  • Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) Services

Our passion, skills and expertise will contribute towards skilled, capable and professional workforce within the Financial Services Sector, which shares in and contributes to benefits and opportunities of economic expansion and an inclusive growth path for all South Africans.

  • To be the leading Financial Services and Business Studies institute
  • Increase access to high quality and relevant education training and skills development opportunities within the Financial Services Sector
  • Promote the integration of workplace and theoretical training, and contribute to sustained employment of the unemployed and progression of those already employed
FAIS Formula for Excellence

We choose to work with people who are committed to continuous learning; who are willing to step far outside of what they know; who want to grow and develop whilst sharing our vision to be the best.

  1. We make a difference through education
  2. We are in it for the clients because, to us, they are everything
  3. We are committed to changing people’s lives
  4. We put people before profit – whilst acting in the best interests of the Business
  5. We Lead with integrity – your word is your honour
  6. We are accountable for our actions
  7. We dream big and think out of the box – great is not good enough – we see “great” as a starting point, not as an endpoint. We set ourselves goals that we know we cannot reach yet, because we know that by stretching to meet them we are likely to find ourselves in places no one has ever been before
  8. We favour a can do attitude over experience, hands-on contributors and those who are comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions
  9. We are proactive not reactive –fast is better than slow
  10. We are committed to team work and mutual respect – This business is built around the idea that work should be challenging, and the challenge should be fun
Our Experience and Success

Masifunde Training Centre has a reputation for efficient delivery and support for learners. We have a pool of experienced and committed facilitators and assessors, who are prepared to support the learners to the completion of their qualifications. Our administrative staff are friendly, helpful and efficient. Since 2005, Masifunde Training Centre has successfully delivered learnerships, internships, qualifications and skills programmes throughout South Africa to individuals, brokers and large corporate clients. Some of our valued clients include:

  • Bidvest Financial Services
  • Sovereign Health
  • Nedgroup Life
  • McCarthy Financial Services
  • Hollard
  • African Life
  • Momentum
  • Medscheme
  • Medway
  • AMML Financial Services
  • Mountbatten Insurance Consultants
  • Grow Your Wealth
  • Charles Merrington Executive Financial Services
BEE Rating

Masifunde Training Centre is listed on the DTI National B-BBEE Registry as a Level 2 Contributor. Our DTI URN is BEE2956984.

Masifunde BEE Certificate