Assessment Procedures

Assessment Policy
  1. The learner must submit and be found Competent in the formative assessment of each unit standard in the cluster, i.e., he must obtain 50% for each Portfolio of Evidence. The learner may leave questions unanswered. There must be evidence of understanding for all the specific outcomes. The learner must achieve 50% and above for every unit standard to be found competent.
  2. If the learner has submitted and been found Competent in all the unit standards of the cluster, he may write the closed book integrated summative exam for that cluster.
  3. If the learner achieves 50% in the summative exam, he has passed the summative component.
  4. Credits can only be given to the learner who has been found Competent in the formative assessment of the unit standard AND has passed the summative exam.
  5. The learner will not be allowed to submit formative work or do remedial activities after the summative exam has been written.
  6. The learner will only be allowed a rewrite of the summative exam if he has submitted the formative assessments of ALL the unit standards in the cluster and has achieved between 30% to 49% in the summative exam.
  7. The summative exam will be invigilated by a responsible person designated by Masifunde Training Centre.
  8. An exam register will be signed by the learner and the invigilator.
  9. The learner will sign a Declaration of Authenticity and indicate readiness for the exam.
  10. The exam will be written under strict, closed book conditions.
  11. The exam will be in hard copy form.
  • All learning and assessment follows SAQA principles and strives to be empowering, relevant and transformative.
  • Assessment is integrative and standards-based.
  • Assessment is OBE based.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows for accreditation of previous learning.
  • See our process overview for more details