Process Overview

1.   Initial Enrolment
  1. Individual programme development
  2. Quoting
  3. Enrolment
  4. Payment
  5. Load learner and provider details onto NLRD
2.   Formative Assessment
  1. Training facilitation (face-to-face, distance, online)
  2. Submit formative assessment (portfolios of evidence)
  3. Assessment (competent / not yet competent)
  4. Feedback to learners
  5. Submit remedial assessment
  6. Assessment (competent / not yet competent)
  7. Recorded on learner management system
3.   Summative Assessment (Exams)
  1. Allowed to write summative assessment when formative assessment is competent
  2. Summative assessment written in April, July, October
  3. Exam preparation guide
  4. Hard copy, closed book, invigilated exam
  5. Arranged venues
4.   Quality Assurance
  1. Qualified & registered assessors
  2. Qualified & registered moderators
  3. Moderate 25% sample
  4. Verification and approval by INSETA
  5. Load learner results onto National Learner Records Database (NLRD)
5.   Certification
  1. Print result letters
  2. Learner issued with INSETA qualification certificates
  3. Learner can optionally download statement of credits from the National Learner Records Database (NLRD)
6.   Appeals Process
  1. Discuss issue with the assessor
  2. Try to find a solution for the problem
  3. If still in disagreement, submit written complaint to the internal moderator within 2 weeks of the assessment
  4. Internal moderator conducts investigation and meets with both parties
  5. Decision taken by internal moderator, who will provide both parties with a report within 4 weeks
  6. If the learner is still unhappy about the outcome, he/she should refer the matter to INSQA